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Class Descriptions:

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Iyengar Alignment and precision, with Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Cathie Ryder

Iyengar Basics – Level 1

This class will introduce you to the fundamental principles in the Iyengar method. Step by step instruction will be given to alignment your body through yoga postures. Students develop their ability to practice yoga safely and to understand its beneficial effects..

Iyengar Foundation – Level 1-2

This class is the perfect choice for students looking to build a stronger foundation to their practice. This class works to build strength, stability,  focusing on classical standing poses, seated poses, and relaxation poses. Props are introduced in this class.

Practice and Refinement – Level 2

Practice and Refinement is a step up from Basics and Level 1. This mixed level class encourages students to cultivate a consistent, personalized practice. This class introduces students to a range of poses including beginning forward and back extensions as well as twisting postures and the beginnings of inversions. 

IYENGAR 101 (Wed 10:30am, Fridays 11:15)

Classes here at YogaMatters are designed with you in mind, improving posture and realign the skeletal structure - thus, creating balance and comfort in your body! Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, 

CATHIE RYDER, E-RYT 500, CIYT will cover a variety of foundational poses with modifications for injuries, and limitations. All seated poses will be done on a chair, and balancing poses will be done at the wall. No inversion will be introduced in this class.  

YogaMatters, LLC Yoga Studio

Yoga Classes:

All Yogamatters Yoga classes focus on body alignment, which allows the body to develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way. As all bodies are different and people have different weaknesses and strengths, the use of props can help the body into the correct alignment. Props, such as, blocks, chairs, blankets, belts, wall, ropes, can assist in adjusting and supporting oneself in the different postures.

An added benefit is that correct anatomical alignment often result in eliminating aches and pains, improve posture, improve digestion, improve sleep, etc. The postures are held for a longer lengths of time to let the effects of the poses penetrate deeper within the individual.

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